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USA - FREE SHIPPING ! visit our etsy shop
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About Us

Welcome to my shop. On display are my hand-made wood carved hanging mobiles, that have tails that spin in the wind when it blows. Each mobile is unique because they are hand-carved so no one animal is exactly alike. There are different types of animals such as pigs, elephants, fish, dogs, cats, turtles, birds and snails ,bear,hippo,rabbit,owl,squirrel . Pigs are the most popular, as it goes with the saying ‘When Pigs Fly…..’.
I use recycled materials for my work such as duck feather for the spinning tails, driftwood, and coconut shells.
I paint designs on some of the animals, and then proceed to weatherproof them by Olympic  waterproofing protection ,UV Defense then brushing them with a polyurethane gross coating so that they can be hung outdoors. Each mobile is assembled using a strong twine so that they become hanging mobiles. Tails are then added to each piece so that it spins in the wind.
We have been making these mobiles since 2004 .Custom orders are also available upon request. channal/pigsflyes mobiles